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About Us

The Ann Theodore Foundation supports a broad range of programs and initiatives, including opportunities for learning and enrichment for young people, food security, climate change mitigation, college access and success, and research towards a cure and improving care for people with sarcoidosis.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in a world where all children and families have access to opportunities
to achieve their goals, regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

Our Philanthropy

At the heart of our grantmaking is a deep desire to open pathways to opportunity, especially for youth growing up in underserved communities. The Foundation’s philanthropy is informed by the values of compassion, integrity, respect, and community.

Since its founding in 2018, the Ann Theodore Foundation has invested millions of dollars in communities and organizations that expand access to opportunities in education, healthcare, youth development, and food security for youth and families of diverse backgrounds. The Foundation is committed to ensuring future generations have continued access to opportunities by investing in work to protect the planet through mitigating climate change in ways that benefit local economies, increase food security, and restore natural systems. The Foundation is also committed to funding investigative research for sarcoidosis.

The Foundation has a geographic focus in the communities in and around Long Island, New York; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Eastern Massachusetts. National and international support is also provided for climate mitigation and sarcoidosis.

Our Grantees

We support a broad range of programs and initiatives that provide children and families with access to opportunities that help them develop, grow, and thrive.